Terms of Agreement

Terms & Conditions of Sales Agreement

1. Seller must collect the full purchase price of the vehicle from Buyer prior to delivery. Wire transfers to Seller's bank is the preferred method of payment and will ensure quick, timely delivery. All other payment methods (cashier's check, money order etc.) must "clear" Seller's depository and Seller must have actual possession of the funds, and not just the instrument, prior to delivery of the vehicle. Upon receipt of the vehicle by Buyer or Buyer's Agent, Buyer shall have the immediate right to inspect the vehicle for any misrepresentations or defects, and may arrange for a mechanic or other expert to inspect the vehicle prior to acceptance. In any event, Buyer shall have a reasonable time period, at Seller's discretion, to inspect the vehicle at the time of delivery and either accept or reject it, and the shipper will be instructed to wait for acceptance or rejection of the vehicle. Should Buyer reject the vehicle, or fail to make a decision to accept or reject, the shipper shall load the vehicle and return it to Seller, and Seller shall be obligated to refund to Buyer all funds that have been paid by Buyer to Seller, minus shipping costs. Buyer agrees and acknowledges that after acceptance of the vehicle and execution of Seller's "Acceptance on Delivery Agreement", that Buyer shall hereby waive, and release Seller from, any and all claims, causes of action, or demands as against Seller for any alleged misrepresentation, fraud, punitive damages, breach of contract, or breach of any implied or express warranties (except for express warranties contained in this Agreement) or any other cause of action arising from the terms of this Agreement or the transaction contemplated herein. Buyer acknowledges that if, after the time of the inspection and acceptance of the vehicle, Buyer finds the goods fail to conform with Seller's representations on the first page of this Agreement or any addendum (signed by both Parties) hereto, Buyer shall have no right to rescind this Agreement, but shall be deemed to have accepted the vehicle "as is", without recourse under this Agreement or any state or federal law. 2. Buyer is responsible for insuring the vehicle once it is unloaded by the transportation agent, and Buyer shall be responsible for any damage to vehicle during any test-drive or inspection thereof.