Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find the cars you are selling?

We pride ourselves in having the finest automobiles available for sale - typically some of the lowest mileage examples available!  Most of our inventory is purchased directly from individual sellers.  We also have a very extensive Dealer Network - this is especially helpful when we have a client looking for a unique color example or hard to find vehicle.  We go thru many steps when buying a car to ensure it is the caliber of car we will have in our inventory.

How do I buy a car sight unseen?

With Premier Sport Cars you do not.  Our guarantee with every vehicle we sell is: "If at time of delivery the vehicle is found not to be as represented, your funds will be refunded, minus shipping costs.  Only after you have inspected and approved the car is ownership transferred".  Save the time and cost of flying here and let us bring the car to you!  If you would like a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) completed in Springfield contact one our salespersons for further details.

Where are you located?

Premier Sports Cars is located in Springfield Missouri.  It is the 3rd largest city in the state.  We are located about 3 hours South of Kansas City and 3 hours Southwest of St. Louis.  Go to the General Info section on our drop down menu where you located the FAQ's and go to Contact Us and that has a map to our area as well as links to the Springfield International Airport and links to activities in the area.

How does the car get to me?

We have contact with several transporters in our area that carry about 90% of the cars we sell.  They only offer enclosed and insured trucks and will deliver right to your front door!  Once you have purchased the car of your dreams, we get your a quote for shipping and handle all of the arrangements for you.  Premier does not own the trucks that transport the vehicles but once a sale is finalized it takes typically 5 to 10 business days to arrive at its destination.

How long has Premier been in business?

Premier Sports Cars was organized in 1995 by Chris Courtney, the president and owner of the company.  Chris began his career much earlier in the auto detailing business while in college.  Chris created one of the most respected detailing shops in the area.  After moving into the inspecting, buying and selling of highline vehicles he has never lost touch with his roots.  Every vehicle receives a 3 to 5 day detail in which the vehicle goes on a lift, the wheels are removed and every aspect of the car is thoroughly cleaned and brought back to near new conditions.

Do you take trades?

We are interested in any vehicle an individual has available for trade.  If it is a car that we won't typically keep in our own inventory we will use our extensive dealer connection to get the best trade value for your vehicle.  Don't hesitate to call and discuss your trade.

Will you buy my car outright?

We are always good buyers on low mileage, accident free vehicles!  Premier is always interested and looking to expand our inventory.  Call us and we can discuss your car and see if it is right for us.  With our extensive network if it is a vehicle that we are unable to inventory we may be able to find a dealer that can.

Are there any other fees associated with buying a Premier vehicle?

Many times when we finalize a sale of one of our Premier cars it can be an all inclusive price, right down to the car being delivered to your door! The total price of a vehicle is the actual price of the car, a $199.00 documentation fee, and shipping (if needed).  Everything is clearly listed on the sales agreement.  No hidden fees or cost that are often associated with many other dealerships. Rest assured at Premier Sports Cars we pride ourselves in open and upfront transactions so you will continue to make Premier your only stop in your next vehicle purchase!

Why is Kelley Blue Book Value so much lower than what you are asking?

Premier Sportscars specializes in pristine, hard to find - high demand vehicles.  Kelley Blue Book and other appraisal guides always use a downward sliding price guide.  Most of the vehicles Premier handle's are actually stabilizing and climbing in value making for a great investment.  For this reason the typical appraisal guides do not match what actual selling prices are of these vehicles.