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K40 Radar/Laser Purchase and Installation

Drive Ticket Free Guaranteed - K40 Electronics
K40 Defuser
Laser Protection System
K40 Defuser G5

Deactivates police laser speed measurement capability by emitting a powerful infrared light signal back to the gun at a pulse rate it cannot understand. This enables the driver to avoid detection and ultimately a speeding ticket.
Sync Interface
The sync feature fires up 4 Defuser g5 transponders simultaneously emitting more jamming output to the laser gun than ever before.
IR Led’s
10 new, more powerful Laser Defusing Diodes in EACH Defuser g5 transponder.
60% Increase in Reception Diodes
Enhanced laser gun reception/detection
Fly Eye Lens
A lens composed of an array of smaller lenses designed to provide increased off axis signal capture.
3 User Transmit Modes:
Constant Transmit: The Defuser g5 will continually transmit a jamming signal for the duration of the laser encounter.
Pulse Transmit: The Defuser g5 will transmit a jamming signal for 10 seconds giving the driver time to reduce speed, while allowint the officer to obtain a speed reading and eliminate suspicion of “jamming”
Receive Only: for notification only, no jamming signal will be emitted.
1 year speeding ticket guarantee
If you get a laser speeding ticket within the first year, K40 pays!
*no DUI/DWI, construction zones or school zones.

Premier Sportscars is proud to have one of the top installers - Nationally recognized by K40 - working for us since 1999. Call today 417-831-6065 for further details and pricing.

XPEL Clear Paint Protection

Premier Sportscars Co. is proud to offer professional custom installation
of the XPEL clear paint protection. Not only is your vehicle shielded
from stone chips and other minor road debris it also protects your investment
by retaining a higher resale value in your car.
The ULTIMATE in paint protect for your vehicle!


Let us arrange enclosed and insured delivery for you -
all of our vehicles leave here showroom new and
will arrive at your doorstep in that same condition!

Contact one of our representatives for a custom quote
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Leasing & Financing

Interested in Leasing or Financing? We offer custom plans to meet your individual needs. For more information or an application you contact us at 417-831-6065 or email sales@premiercars.com.